Womens Quals

The Honey Badgers were faced with challenging conditions this past weekend at Women’s Quals at Northwestern. Sailing A’s were Cailin Considine and her crew Emma Zalog and sailing B’s were Erin Sullivan and her crew Anna Thickens. Although heavy crews Larissa Carroll and Rebekah Janssen were prepared to sail in the wild conditions on Saturday, the 4 and a half foot waves and heavy winds were a safety hazard and sailing was postponed till Sunday. With all of Saturday ahead of them and the big city of Chicago minutes away, the Honey Badgers decided to visit the Bean and stroll down Michigan Avenue. They then returned to their wonderful hosts in Winnetka, Larissa’s aunt and uncle. After a day of enjoying the nice weather and doing homework, the sailors were ready to compete on Sunday with the race warning time of 8am. The first few sets were a learning curve and the sailors were seeing improvement as the day went on. Unfortunately, the conditions were super light and the boats were bobbing around for over an hour after the short 10 minute midday break. With the inability to sail another A race after 3, and only the one day of sailing a total of 8 sets were sailed. The Honey Badgers finished just shy of qualifying for nationals in 4th place.